Galaxy Star Projector

We have today added a Galaxy Star Projector to our available equipment.  We have just bought the one to test out and, assuming the guests find it of benefit, we will look to add another.  The projector has a choice of sound as well as a choice of light options.  There is a star function and the colours can be changed to single or multi. I found a great sound option that reminded me of having a relaxing facial.

The projector is portable and can be used in any of the bedrooms or in the lounge. With the option of a choice of calming music (or you can use it as a Bluetooth speaker), a room can be instantly changed into an array of colourful auroras and stars providing an environment to de-stress or just relax.

I must admit the lights are quite mesmerising. If you would like a sneak peak, please see the video below.

If you are looking to book or to find out details of availability, please click here