My Lambing Course At Myerscough College

Ewe and Lamb

On Wednesday I attended a Lambing Course at Myerscough College. Whilst I have owned sheep, I have not experienced a lambing ewe. The course took place from 6pm until 11pm, so a late one. For the five hours we never stopped learning. We were lucky enough to see three ewes give birth, one with triplets. Where a ewe has triplets the third lamb is an orphan, so the shepherd tries to get another ewe with a single lamb to adopt one. Not an easy or always successful process, but at times it does work. In the video you will see a lot of orphan lambs using automatic feeders. They were jumping around and looking very healthy even without a mum. New lambs are just so cute. I bombarded the tutor with lots (and I mean lots of questions) to try to gain as much knowledge as I can. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sheep fan. Not sure how it came about and if you had asked me only a few years back that I would own sheep, I wouldn’t have believed you. They are a pleasure to look after, even though they can be incredibly stupid at times (mind you, can’t we all). As part of our growing business, we are now looking to add some breeding ewes. As the sheep will graze in the fields by The Chalets, our guests will also be able to enjoy seeing them. It will be a few months before we take the plunge and I will keep you updated when we do.

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